Analysis of Workflow – KeyShot materials

One of the things that I really wanted to achieve with this concept is the skeleton shining through effect that I had in my original 2D concept


After much tinkering I was able to replicate the effect in KeyShot, although I still will need to adjust the hue of the skin to be more yellow.

skin translucency

One thing that is being annoying is that when I put the cloak on the character, this translucency is lost because it’s covered up. It may be the case that I just rely on a 2D paintover when I come to the final presentation.

I’m beginning to not like KeyShot for this, as I feel a tendency to be lazy and rely on the huge library of pre-made materials. In a way this is limiting me, as I find I’m making selections from a series of pre-made effects. Tweaking some of these settings and making my own skin material has been good, but I’m not a technical artist and I don’t quite feel the same ‘tactile’ sense of creation as when painting.

A quick overpaint (and anatomy exploded view) gets a little closer to what I want, including the darker ends of the limbs to really accentuate the sharpness of those edges, as silhouette is so important in a game when the player has to make a snap decision about something.

Wraith 2.1 renders

I think that ultimately this may convince me that KeyShot is perhaps not the best tool to render this model, although it has been very useful in WIP production, the times for renders and my over-reliance on the stock materials have not been helpful.


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