Toothless the Vampire

So, following on from a fairly successful run of 3D character sketches (successful in the sense that I’m now far more comfortable jumping straight into 3D and pulling and pushing a sphere into something visually interesting, I decided to spend a few days on one creature and get a design together.

For the Final Major Project I’ll be once again working alongside Lee (characters) and Joe (environments), and we have a big scope planned. A lot of it will involve creatures, so this is the first sculpt of one of them that I’d like to appear in the game.

At the beginning of this I was shown the work of Jelmer Boskma, a fantastic Vancouver-based creature designer, whose aesthetic definitely helped shape the character

Base sculpt:


Refining shapes (the name ‘Toothless’ is now a lie as it has two teeth):


Refining ear shape:


Torso & test rendering in Keyshot with skin shader materials and default HDRI


Posed model rendered out. Taking a note from my earlier observations in artists work (Tom Rhodes) that posed characters make for more visual interest:


Views – screenshots in ZBrush:


Model turnaround:


This is still a work in progress, and I will be revisiting the project and pushing it further as the FMP progresses, but for now I feel that I have a solid base to begin with.


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