Kitbashing & Creating IMM Brushes

Observing the work of other concept artists and designers who work just in 3D, such as the masterful Vitaly Bulgarov, it’s evident to me that they’ve generated a lot of speed from the ‘kitbashing’ technique, whereby they use pre-modelled assets in a new and interesting way as part of their designs to create something new. It’s not a technique that’s unique to  digital 3D modelling – famously it was used in the original Star Wars films to create a lot of detail on their ships.

Vitaly is renowned for this, but he spends a lot of time actually making the assets himself. Although this technique is primarily suited to hard-surface designs, I wondered if I could take the theory and apply it to organic forms, and in doing so utilise a ‘kitbash’ method to creature design.

So I made some IMM curve brush tentacles following this tutorial


Applying them to a model…


And another set based on Starfish Tentacles


I hope that investing the time into creating these assets will pay dividends in future projects.


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