Creature Sculpts – 3D Challenge

Never be comfortable!

The importance of challenging myself to pursue new methods of working always has yielded results, however small. With some self reflection, I realised that although I had an understanding of 3D with the Red chases Blue project and Carnivorous Fungal Colony previous projects, these had outcomes that were in 3D after a lot of 2D development and sketch work towards them.

I wanted to change this and do more 3D ‘sketching’, so I’ve set about doing creature sketches (as it’s what I’m naturally drawn to).

These were sketched out in ZBrush and then rendered in Keyshot using basic default materials and HDRI spheres (the intent of the project is just to focus on modelling, so default materials are just fine to showcase the work).

Concepting in 3D is not a new prospect to me, but the thought of doing it straight away and replacing a sketch stage is fairly alien and takes me outside of my comfort zone. However, it does provide the benefit of creating much more intricate designs straight off the bat, and causes me to design and think in a way that would be slightly different to when I concept sketch straight in 2D.

I came across this idea from a fantastic tutorial by Henning Sanden and Morten Jæger on creature design, where they discuss a process of starting a design in 3D, then refining the silhouette and shapes in 2D with an iterative paintover, and then taking the design back into Zbrush to finish it up.


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